Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Banknotes & what I spent with my dividends

Had an interesting discussion on banknotes today. Went to raffles place today to change some money, some for myself and some for a family member.

In Europe, the 2 major currencies ( Euro + Pound) only issue relatively high value banknotes (i.e. starting from EUR5/GBP5) whereas in America, Brazil, China, Singapore, HK, Malaysia etc issue low denomination banknotes (e.g. US$1, RMB5, S$2, HK$10, RM1). It's pretty weird, for you'd probably end up with alot of change and loose coins when one visits Europe.

Some currencies are really weird however, like the US dollar. case in point:
Every denomination is of the same dimension and color. I wonder how their blind people know which is which. Imagine if you get mistaken and want to tip someone US$1, and end up tipping him US$100 because you thought it was US$1 :P

As for the pound, this is it...4 banknote denomination in circulation. the £50 note is huge... around the same size as our S$1000 note.

Some of my old/interesting Singapore notes. I wonder why Singapore doesn't introduce a bona fide S$20 note.

Some Chinese notes I have. The "yi jiao" is RMB 0.10. Sing dollar 0.2 cents.

Egyptian pound

I also received MIT + First REIT dividends. Used part of the dividends to buy a nice silk tie on offer :D

usual price $53, bought for $19 from G2000 :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mapletree Industrial Trust-PO results

As said in an earlier post, I applied for my entitlement and also for excess rights to make up the full board lot.

Just checked my CDP internet account and realized my excess application was successful. I was rounded up to a full board lot! Great, for it would have been an irritant to deal with odd shares.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Singapore Technologies Engineering- Bucking the trend

the most recent selldown over the past few days has spared my biggest holding: ST Engineering. It bucked the trend the last few trading days to close higher. Now, ST Engineering is currently at "value zone" between 13,21 day EMA. Elder said, buy fear and sell normalcy during a bear market. ST Engineering is currently in the "normalcy" stage.

Will I sell? Short answer, no.
Why? ST Engineering is a STI component, for the most part, it will follow the trend of STI. It's never good to be either fully invested nor fully divested. I'm currently at around 60-70% cash, with my holdings (in order of liquidation value marked to market): ST Engineering, First REIT, MIT, Sabana REIT. I will be holding on, sinking or swimming with these 4 counters. Potential downside is 50% or more (remember, ST Engineering went down to high $1+ in 2009), but as I have the holding power, I will just hold on for dividends, considering I bought this at a low price. Same goes for the three other REITS.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

applied for MapletreeInd PO + Excess

Stopped by the ATM to apply for the MIT PO of 2 for 25 and applied excess to round up to full lot.
Fingers crossed that I'll be allotted excess units to make up 1 lot.

New units start trading on 24th August.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sold off Poh Tiong Choon Logistics

Sold off PohTC at $0.400 today, making a loss of 10% after dividends.

1.) My original reason for buying was because of the huge insider buy ups. This was a punt for a privatization offer or something of the sort
2.) PohTC is very cyclical and unfortunately I think I bought at the peak cycle.
3.) I don't like the low liquidity
4.) I think there is alot more downside to the stock market, better clear off some non performers to get ready to buy from a bear market.

I will be interested to buy PohTC again, in a bear market, with SCB (I had to sell down just now, I didn't want to run the risk of a partial fill). Definitely not at this price though.

I will be looking to sell off other counters, at the right price. If not, I'm about 65% to 70% cash now anyway, and will hold on.

Won't be selling ST Engineering, this one is for keeps. Am looking to sell off First REIT at 80c and above, and am looking to buy at around 72c or so. Also looking to sell MIT. Target buys include Sabana REIT, SPH, ARA, SingPost, SMRT, SingTel. Obviously don't have many bullets so will have to pick and choose, so just wait and see who reaches target price first. Will be buying slowly.

Friday, August 5, 2011

-531, -112, -938 bloodshed. worst hit counter for me was ST Engg (my biggest holding summore), down 11c to close at $2.90

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Payable dates for my counters

for own reference:

First REIT- 29th Aug
Sabana- 6th September
PM Data- 26th Aug, XD 11 Aug
ST Engg- 2nd Sept, XD 11 Aug
MIT- 31st Aug, must remember to apply for PO and excess rights when the instructions come