Monday, May 21, 2012

My cost of living in the United Kingdom- introduction

I had an interesting discussion with people recently regarding the cost of living in the United Kingdom.
As some may know, I am currently a medical student in England, but I am not in London.

I want to dispel the oft-held notion that the United Kingdom is an expensive country to live in. In actual fact, it is not. I would daresay excluding London, it is cheaper (even before taking into account higher wages in UK) to live in than Singapore. (Doctors earn more in Singapore nett, but that's an anomaly; most other professionals earn more here than in Singapore)

Over the next few posts, which will be as and when I have time, I will try to explain what my cost of living is. Readers can then draw their own conclusions. Of course, certain things are more expensive here, but I think overall, it is cheaper to stay in UK excl. London.

Over and out.


  1. I've heard the income tax rate in England is about 35% to 40%, not sure how true this is. Plus, they deduct it monthly from your salary just like they deduct CPF here in Singapore! Can you verify this, please? :)

  2. although they have higher tax rates but they do have more deductible expenses against their income than the fixed reliefs provided in Singapore.

  3. Hi MW,
    as far as I know, the income tax rate for the UK is 0% up to 8,500 GBP and 20% from 8,501 GBP to 35,000 GBP, then 40% from 35,000 GBP to 150,000 GBP and 50% from 150,001 GBP. Definitely high by our standards. Even so, the pay for most professionals are higher net of tax.

  4. Not really an apple-to-apple comparison. When we compare Singapore vs a suburb/village in UK it is certain that UK will be cheap.

    The main/major difference is the "rental" or property. When you stay @ suburb the rental can be quite low. So that makes a big diff.

  5. Whilst it might not be a "gala apple to gala apple" comparison, it is broadly a "fruit to fruit" comparison at the least.

    Besides, I live in a "city" and not a "suburb/village, a city 20% smaller than Singapore land wise with 800,000 people. So I think "village" might not be too accurate a depiction. :)